Golden Orchard
Contact: Pat Golden
Address: 15253 NW Mason Hill Rd North Plains , OR, 97133
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Phone: 503-381-3940
About Us
The Golden family have been farming in Oregon since 1843, and Golden Orchard was established in 1980 in the foothills of the Tualatin Mountains west of Portland. On the south side we planted a commercial peach orchard and maintained several hives of honey bees, while on the north side we raised cattle and chickens. We also planted a couple of dozen different fruit trees in our family orchard, and grow a variety of vegetables our sizeable garden. We transitioned out of the cattle business and now have a number of rescued animals instead, including mustang horses, alpacas and a potbelly pig. And our daughter is now growing saffron in two 100-foot greenhouses on five of our acres.
Golden Orchard uses very few chemicals - they’re just not healthy for the earth, our 4-legged animals or for us. And our daughter uses no chemicals at all, and in addition, has a water catchment system on her greenhouses for irrigating her saffron corms.