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About Us
Celia’s Gourmet Foods is one of the oldest U.S. companies crafting authentic gourmet flavored barrel-aged balsamic vinegars, vinaigrette and olive oils. We are proud to be one of the few remaining companies that still hand produces each flavor, unlike most companies that now use large commercial companies to produce their inventory.

For over 20 years we have hand crafted each gourmet flavor in small batches from original recipes in our Bend kitchen. Only natural ingredients are added to the balsamic or oil, making each flavor bold, intense and multilayered. There are no added sugars, colors, thickeners or chemicals. All products are gluten free.

The balsamic we use differs greatly from the mass-produced commercial grade common in American stores which can contains raw wine vinegar, be full of sugar or a sweetner, coloring, thickeners and little or no mosto cotto. It is simply rushed to market at low prices.

Simply, we ask people to look at the ingredients on the bottle. Healthy eating recipes, drinks, Balsamic history, cooking tips are all offered for inspiration!

Producing traditional balsamic vinegar represent a historic way of life in Italy. Under European Union law, for a balsamic to be "Tradizionale or Authentic" the grapes must be grown in select regions of Italy and the barrel aging must be done in the Modena area of the country for a minimum of 12 years, using traditional methods and aging in a minimum of 5 wood barrels.

The balsamic vinegar used in our products comes from a small farm supplier in Modena Italy. This balsamic vinegar is the base of our products. We receive a 12-18 year old Dark traditional and a 12-18 year old White into our kitchen in Bend Oregon and to these we infuse our flavors.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils is currently sourced from Spain. We choose to support the work Spain has done to advance the sustainability of their national product with environmentally-friendly growing practices, irrigation and scientific research for sustainability in ancient regions. We find these oils have consistent freshness and the fruity, nut flavor that is consistent with traditional Spanish olives.

When the Extra Virgin Olive Oils is received in our Bend Oregon kitchen, we then infuse the flavors. Flavors and extracts are locally sourced when available and hand bottling again takes place in our kitchen.

Our recipes are proprietary but our added fruits, herbs and extracts are sourced from suppliers with long histories of delivering only pure natural flavors. This allows us to offer consistent strong, multilayered flavor profiles with only natural sweetness.